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Civil Law

Civil law governs relationships among people, work, businesses, government entities etc. The scope of civil law is very wide and extensive as it encompasses many matters that affect the welfare of an individual or the society. The objective of civil law is to ensure smooth day-to-day functioning of the civil society. A plethora of laws that govern human actions and their consequences constitute the Indian civil law. Civil law touches upon every aspect of our daily life—ranging from consumption of goods and services to traffic rules and everything in between.

As experts in the area of civil law, VSK & Co will guide and provide you with expert advice on matters that are pertinent to your civil rights.

Services offered

  • Declaration suit
  • Partition suit
  • Injunction order
  • Permanent injunction
  • Mandatory injunction
  • Debt recovery
  • Motor vehicle cases
  • Specific performance suit
  • Change of name
  • Succession certificate
  • And a host of other services
Civil suit


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