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Experiencing sexual harassment at work can be a traumatic experience. Perpetrators undermine victims’ confidence and self-esteem. As a victim, it is easy to feel powerless. What will happen if you report the harassment? What will happen if you don’t? The sexual harassment lawyer will explain your legal options and help you choose the best path forward.


The complaint should be addressed to the IC members and not the employer/HR representative.

The complaint should be concise, i.e. it should be written in simple language which can be understood easily. Complaints that are well written and presented properly have greater credibility. Details of exact incident, date and time, witness etc. to be included.

Circumstances preceding and following the incident to be recorded.

Whether the complainant asked the respondent to desist from the unwelcome act(s).

Append as many documents as possible in whatever format i.e. relevant e-mails, screenshots of SMS’s/whatsapp messages, call details, photographs, recordings etc.

Details of the respondent including name, designation, reporting structure between complainant and respondent if any (whether subordinate, colleague or superior).

Do not state any fact that is false or incorrect.

The relief that is sought from the employer.