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FIR – First Information Report

What is the meaning of FIR?

FIR refers to First Information Report. This is a written document with a prescribed format. It is designed to present all the information about the criminal event as told by the complainant. Not all criminal offence complaints are filed as FIRs. F.I.R. means a complaint in simple words. It is the first piece of information the police receive about an offense commission. However, there’s one element that should be fulfilled to be able to register an F.I.R., FIRs are typically filed for cognizable offence i.e. criminal offences for which the offender can be arrested by the police without a warrant. This includes theft, rape, rioting, assault and kidnapping. In some cases, non-cognizable offences such as bigamy, adultery etc. can be registered as FIRs if a police officer witnessed the offence or if the court gives permission for it to be filed as an FIR. It can be filed by the victim, a witness or by any person who has knowledge about the offence.

Why should you file an FIR?

An FIR serves many purposes.

  • It informs the police about a crime that has taken place and gives them all the related facts.
  • It sets the criminal law in motion as police are duty bound to investigate FIRs.
  • It provides proof in cases where insurance is involved.
  • In the case of thefts, it defends the complainant from liabilities that could arise from the misuse of their property that was stolen.

As described in law:

  • When information about the charge of a cognisable offence is given orally, the police must write it down.
  • The complainant or supplier of the information has a right to demand that the information recorded by the police be read to him or her.
  • Once the information has been recorded by the police, it must be signed by the person giving the information.
  • The appellant can get a free copy of an FIR.

An FIR records the following details

A wise man once said, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Being the victim of a criminal offence can put any person in panic mode but the first thing you should do in such cases is filed an FIR. Filing an FIR may seem like a scary task but in reality, it is quite simple. In the unfortunate event of demanding to file an FIR, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Approximate time and date of the offence
  • Time and date of reporting the offence
  • Place where the offence occurred
  • Personal details of the complainant
  • Personal details of the accused
  • Description of the offence
  • In the case of theft, a description of the property that was stolen
  • Section of the law applicable to the offence
  • Signature of the complainant

There are no fees payable when filing an FIR. A copy of the FIR is also given to the complainant without any charge.

Online FIR Bangalore- Everything You Should Know

Can you file online FIR in Bangalore? The answer is you can’t, but you can file an online report for lost documents in Bangalore through the city police website and the e-Lost Report App.

FIRs cannot be lodged online and must be lodged at police stations. However, the Bengaluru police have introduced a portal and a mobile app through which a report can be filed online in the case of lost items.

 This includes important documents such as passport, pan card etc, gold, computers, and mobile phones, computer accessories such as hard drives, watches and personal items such as bags, luggage, wallets, and cash.

How to online report for lost documents

You cannot file an FIR online but you can file a report for the loss of important documents on the Bengaluru City Police e-Lost & Found app or website. To do so:

  • Login to the website/ go to the App
  • Enter details of the lost item
  • Collect an acknowledgment or form 76A

Note: You have to produce the 76 A form in case you need a duplicate of a claim insurance or lost document

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