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How To Get Birth Certificate In Bangalore Online?

Birth Certificate online Bangalore

How To Get Birth Certificate In Bangalore?

Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is a essential record that documents the birth of a person. The term “birth certificate” can refer to either the original document certifying the circumstances of the birth or to a certified copy of or representation of the ensuing registration of that birth. It is kind of proof in which there is information about your date of birth, place where you were born, your real name, guardians name and other details.

According to ‘Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969, it is mandatory to register your child’s birth. This needs to be done within 21 days from the birth of your child. Issuing of birth certificate may not be the same throughout the country. While most of the hospitals take care of the entire procedure for you, its also required when you are applying for admission in schools or college, hospital benefits and more. It also helps in establishing property and inheritance claims.

Apply Online Birth Certificate

Apply Online Birth Certificate

  • In most cases the hospital takes care of the procedure.
  • To get the birth certificate first you need to visit your nearest District Statistical Officer and check the details about your registration so that you can apply for the certificate In case the hospital does not send letter to the Registrar’s office then one need to collect a letter from the hospital stating all the details of the child’s birth. The Form No 1 needs to be filled and submitted to the registrar of your jurisdiction. The authorities will then do a proper verification with the hospital.
  • Alternatively, parents can add the name later at the BBMP office before they collect the actual certificate, or they can collect the certificate and then apply for name inclusion any time before the child turns 14, and an updated certificate can be obtained.
  • Girls born after 31st March 2006 in a BPL family in Karnataka must be enrolled under the Bhagyalakshmi scheme through the nearest Anganwadi.
  • One needs to carry some documents with you as a proof before issuing the certificate. This can help in completing the process faster.
  • There are various centers from where the birth certificate can be issued.

Procedure to apply for birth certificate in Bangalore

You need to first check out your registration website to see your child’s name has been registered and accordingly you apply for birth certificate.

Other details:

  • Registration of births done within 21 days of the event is free of cost.
  • From 21 to 30 days after the event, certificates will be provided after collecting a fine of Rs 25.
  • After 30 days and within a year, only the Joint Director of Statistics can provide the certificate, the penalty is Rs 50, and an affidavit needs to be submitted.
  • If the birth is not recorded, the applicant should get a Non-Availability Certificate from the BBMP and documents such as address proof are required in the absence of hospital records’. The Non-Availability Certificate is an acknowledgement or endorsement from the authorities stating that the certificate is not available with them. Applicants have to fill a form and submit it to the BBMP authorities, who will then verify the data and issue the acknowledgement.
  • In some government hospitals, the Resident Medical Officer (RMO) has the power of the sub-registrar and is authorised to certify births that occur in the hospital. In these cases, the certificate will be available from the hospital itself.
  • In case of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), the Registrar-General should record the event at the Indian Consulate. If a child is born outside India and returns to settle in the country, the birth can be registered within 60 days of arrival. After 60 days, the procedure is the same as for delayed registration of births within India.

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