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Personal Law

Personal law is that area of law which governs human relationships and their actions. Some communities have their own personal law while others follow personal law mandated by Indian law. Marriage, which is the most important milestone in a person’s life, is governed by most personal laws. Marriages celebrated within a community is governed by the community’s personal law in case it exists. Additionally, there are laws which are stipulated by the country to govern marriages celebrated between communities and marriages celebrated by communities with no personal law. Various specific marriage acts have been passed to govern marriages in different communities. Until recently, no one gave much serious thought to register a marriage after the ceremony of marriage. However, the Compulsory Registration of Marriages Bill, 2005 has made registration of marriages mandatory after the ceremony of marriage.

As experts in the area of personal law, VSK & Co offers to help you with registering your marriage post marriage and procuring the marriage certificate.

Services offered

Registration of marriage post marriage

Procurement of marriage certificate

Personal Law


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