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Online Property Verification Bangalore And Hyderabad

Online Property Verification Bangalore And Hyderabad

Property Document Verification

Property Document Verification includes various activities, property verification ensures that the property involved in business and purchase is free from disputes. the documentation of property varies based on whether the property has been bought from a developer or is it a secondary sale. In the latter case, due diligence would be easier as the first owner will have the property documents ready for the registration. The obligation for the verification of the property title, however, lies on the buyer prior to the registration.

The Real Estate industry is a fast-growing one which makes it exposed to various fraudulent activities like forging, misrepresentation, etc. So, it is advisable to conduct verification of all the documents and get legal opinion on property before entering into an agreement with the seller to ensure any discrepancies in the future.

Online Property Verification

Online Property Verification Bangalore

Online Property Verification Bangalore

Online Property Verification method is a process of decreasing the time and other aspects of burdens to the verifier as well as client. Here you will submit the property documents to the verifier (if the documents are in soft copy / cd / drive link through online, if it’s in hard copy, sending through the delivery agent) and will wait for 5 to 6 working days to get the report. Our dedicated property lawyers team will be in touch in each step of procedure and give updates until verification process completes. There are hundreds of clients are cleared and satisfied with our online property verification service.

We have Dedicated Team for Online Property Verification Bangalore and Online Property Verification Hyderabad separately working for cracking the barriers of time, money and other aspects of verification process.

Online Property Documents Verification

Documents required for Property Verification Online

Share the below list of property documents, we will start the verification process:


 1.RTCs of the survey number from 1969-70 to 2020-21.

2.Sale Deeds/Partition deeds/earlier title deeds.

3.Khatha Certificate and extract.

4.Encumbrance Certificates

5.Lay out Plan.

6.Betterment Charges receipt.

7.Conversion order.

8.Tax paid receipts.

9.Village map.

10.Building license and plan if the Building is constructed.

11.Agreements, GPA etc.

12.Mutation Registers.

13.Khatha transfer receipts

14.If it is Building commencement certificate and Occupancy certificate

15.Conversion Sketch.

Etc. These are generally applicable for all.

***If you are having the file OR Soft copy of property documents provided by the builder or owner, send us we do cross check and get back to you for further required documents and discussion.


And for resale in addition to the above followings are required:

1.Sale deed in favour of the Seller/s.

2.Tax paid receipt and Khatha.

3.Encumbrance Certificate from one day prior to the date of sale to the present owner to till date for the flat/site.

Once We receive the property documents, we start working on is and

5 to 6 working days, subject to government processing time and documents submitted by clients.

You will receive Written Legal Authenticated Report of Property Details, based on our report you can take decision of purchasing that property.

Property Verification charges may vary and generally it starts from 3000/- based on the size of the documents it the charges may increase. Connect with our expert to know the details.

Benefits Of Online Property Document Verification

  • RISK FREE: – The verification ensures the reliability over the documents; this shall eliminate the various risk of being prone to fraudulent acts or misrepresentations like litigations, documents forgery. The buyer can plan their purchase by foreseeing possible hurdles that may arise in the future.


  • PEACEFUL OWNERSHIP: – The buyer can possess the property without facing many hurdles of multiple claims over the property as all the aspects are already verified before the purchase.

Why VSK & Co for Property Verification Online

VSK & Co is one of the best legal service firm where a team of experts work together to reduce in the aspect of time, legal burden and expenses in legal services. Our legal professionals are having 14+ years of Expertise in their respective profession, and handling a variety of legal services relating to Property, RERA matters, legal notices, negotiable instruments, Family Law (All Divorce Matters), company registrations, Intellectual Property and Immigration consulting, Disputes Resolution, Civil, Criminal and other Aspects of Legal Services(See Our Practice Areas). Consult us to clear all your legal burdens.

For Online Property Verification Send your Documents along with Mobile Number to

With Subject: Online Property Verification 

Our Dedicated Online Property Verification Expert team will Contact you back for further discussion and procedure.


How to check property ownership in bangalore online?

Property Documents verification is an most important task before you buying an property,  by property verification you’ll come to know the detailed information about the ownership of that property, the property documents verification involves many tasks to get a valid report, consult us for End To End property legal services, our property experts and our own verification processing method will get you the fair report. There are thousands of clients are already benefited by our hassle-free property verification services.

How much time it takes to get property ownership details?

Submit the property documents given / received by property owner and wait for 5 to 6 days to get the Our Property Experts  detailed report, before submitting documents, check the above check list of documents required for property verification. Consult us for End To End property legal services, our property experts and our own verification processing method will get you the fair report. There are thousands of clients are already benefited by our hassle-free property verification services.

Property lawyer fees in bangalore?

Charge for property verification begins from around Rs. 3,000-5,000. Property Document Verification depends upon the lawyer, There is no fixed fee for lawyers on any particular task, the kind of property (residential or commercial), the kind of transfer/transaction and the number and technicalities of the documents required to be checked or verified. However, there are thousands of clients are already benefited by our hassle-free property verification services.

What is the lawyer fees for property registration in bangalore?

The fee is not standard. Advocate fee ranges from Rs. 5k to 25K and more, that depends on size of the property and documents, quality of previous documents and reputation of an advocate.

Please be noted, it is important and mandatory that ‘Sale Deed” should be drafted by a qualified advocate.

Consult our Property Experts Team to clear all your registration burdens and make hassle-free Property Registration 

What are the other property services available at VSK & Co?

VSK & Co has a separate team for Property and RERA legal services tailored with 14+ years of Property experts to handle any kind of services in property law.

Navigate to our property services by below button.

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  • G Nadan Kumar

    May 20, 2021 - 6:13 pm

    Hi VSK & Co, I planning to buy property in Hebbal, I want to make sure, all aspects of the property are good before going forward. Someone who can look into all legal aspects, infringement and also I want to be sure, if the property will get OC.

    • Admin

      May 21, 2021 - 10:09 am

      Mr. G Nadan Kumar,
      You can Consult our Property Lawyer for all your Property related issues. Sure You’ll get clear cut solution, from our report you can simply choose your choice of interest on that property.

      Mail: [email protected] | Mobile: +91 9972532302

      Thank you
      VSK & Co Advocates & Legal Consultants
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  • Sadananda Gowda

    May 31, 2021 - 2:55 pm

    Hi VSK & Co, I want to buy property in white field Bangalore, I spoke to the buyer about the documents and received from owner, can you help about how to check property ownership in bangalore online?

    • Admin

      June 3, 2021 - 11:52 am

      Mr Sadananda Gowda,
      Thank you for approaching us, it is not that easy to verify a property documents by an common person, it involves many tasks and activities to find out the clear report of an property, and in some situations you need to login with license and many other aspects, you should consult property lawyers. If you want to know more how to verify property documents online reach our office OR call.

      Thank you
      VSK & CO Advocates & Legal Consultants
      Bangalore ~ Hyderabad

  • Admin

    August 21, 2021 - 11:00 am

    Hi Gireesh Kumar,
    It starts from 3K, based on the documents size it changes, is better to come our office OR if its a soft copy share google drive link Or if its a hard copy send documents to us through any courier, charges can’t be finalized without seeing the documents and its size.

    Click to see Our Office Locations: BangaloreHyderabad

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