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Procedure for Marriage Registration – Karnataka

Marriage registration procedure

Marriage can be registered in Karnataka through the office of the Registrar of Marriage. Sub Registrar who register documents relating to immovable property are also the Marriage Officer. The offices are usually located in Taluk or District headquarters. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining marriage registration certificate in Karnataka.

Should I get Marriage Registration Certificate?

Marriage registration certificate is a legal document that serves as an evidence of marriage. The following are a advantages of having a marriage registration certificate:

  • Legal proof of marriage.
  • Provides and accepts social security.
  • Required for a wife / husband during an immigration or visa interview.
  • Required to claim bank deposits or life insurance benefits if the depository or the insurer dies without any nominee or otherwise.

Where can I obtain Marriage Registration Certificate?

On the basis of the religion of the bride and groom, the applicable marriage laws and jurisdiction, the office for obtaining a marriage certificate would vary as follows:

Hindu Marriage

Marriages under the Hindu Marriage Act may be registered in the office of the Registrar of Marriage within the jurisdiction of which the marriage has taken place or where the bride or groom resides.

Special Marriage

Marriage under the Special Marriage Act may be registered in the office of the Marriage Officer in whose jurisdiction the bride or groom resides.

Parsi Marriage

Marriage under the Parsi Marriage Act may be registered with the Office of the District Registrar in whose jurisdiction marriage takes place.

Eligibility to Get Marriage Registration Certificate

For following are the eligibility criteria for obtaining marriage registration certificate in Karnataka:

  1. The groom must be 21 years old and the groom must be 18 years old.
  2. The bridegroom or the bride must have no wife or husband.
  3. Bride and groom must be able to give consent to marriage on a voluntary basis.
    1. A bridegroom or a bride who can not voluntarily consent to a marriage due to a mental illness is not eligible for marriage.
    2. The marriage certificate can not be given to a bridegroom or a bride who is capable of giving consent but unable to receive a child due to an unsound mind.
    3. Those who suffer from madness are ineligible.
  4. Bride and groom must not be within the scope of a prohibited relationship.

Applying for Marriage Registration Certificate

The marriage certificate can be obtained at any time after marriage. There is no time limit here. In order to obtain a marriage certificate, an application must be made in the prescribed form with the name and address of the bridegroom and the bridegroom, the signature of the bride and groom, the signature of 3 attesting witnesses present at the time of marriage, together with their name and address, the joint photo of the bride and groom with the signature of that photo, should be submitted to the Registrar of Marriage.

In the event that the documents filed are acceptable and verified by the Registrar, the marriage officer shall issue a marriage certificate.

If you are in planning of marriage registering, then it is better to consult a lawyer

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