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Property Verification, One of the most significant decisions in life is purchasing property as it contains investing your lifetime earnings. Additionally, it is important to check if you are truly getting the deal you were promised. Therefore, it is necessary to get the property verification done for make sure the genuineness of the property.


A property verification confirms that the property involved in business and purchase is free from disputes. and lawsuits and later offers a hassle-free property buying experience for you.

It is suitable to check all the documents carefully before buying any property, because a proper verification reduces the risks of unknown frauds. To start with, enrolling a deal agreement should be done with extreme care. A property buyer should go through all its contents; and It is also recommended to get the documents verified by an lawyer.

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Why should you do Property Documents Verification?

Around 30% of all the cases testified to Police are related to real estate fraud. Selling mortgaged property to multiple buyers, presenting fabricated documents of the property are some of the many ways used to scam property buyers. Overlooking such cases can prove to be a financial ruin. To avoid such frauds, you must confirm that the property is reliable.

You should hire a good property lawyer for property verification. Property document verification allows you to found the details of the property you buy are accurate. This not only avoids you from any legal problems in the future but also helps you achieve peace of mind.

What are the list of property documents that I need to share?

We recommend you to get started on the property document verification process with what is provided to you by the seller/builder. The lawyer will return back with a request list of missing documents after the preliminary inspection. For your reference we have made a list of documents.

Below is the list of some important documents to check for property verification

Khata   A, B, E

Sale Deed

Mother Deed

Commencement Certificate

Encumbrance Certificate

Building Plan approval

Conversion Certificate (Agricultural to Non-Agricultural land)

Betterment charges receipt

Power of Attorney (POA)

Occupancy Certification (for a constructed home)

Latest tax paid receipt

Completion Certificate (to get a built property)

RTC – Records of rights

There could be few more documents depending upon property types and state laws. Consulting property lawyers for property documents verification to avoid any mistakes in property documents. Also, you can visit our office for your satisfaction. We have top Property Lawyers in Bangalore. You can book property documents/ papers verification service on our website.

Property verification is taken care by our experienced and expert property verification lawyers. Verify property with experts before investing huge amount on it. Our professionals will make sure the property got all required license and free from any legal issues. Consult VSK & Co for any property verification services. Our property lawyers are having exposure 14+ years of experience in the field. We have best property consultants in our legal services. Trust that you are at the best place to verify all aspects of your property details.

As a part of this service we will analyze the title of the property and the necessary regulatory law. We will check if property got all required approvals.



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