Tenancy Law

As long as there is a need for housing, a relationship between the landlord and his tenant will exist. Tenancy law primarily governs the relationship between a landlord and his tenant. In India, a landlord and his tenant’s rights and interests are protected and governed by the tenancy law. The pertinent laws that collectively make up the tenancy law define the rights of both tenant and landlord in various situations. The relationship between a landlord and his tenant is governed by agreements. These agreements are drafted depending on the type of tenancy. Tenancy can take either the form of rent or lease.

As experts in the field of tenancy law, VSK & Co will help you with tenancy documentation and with your rights either as a tenant or as a landlord.

Services Offered

  • Drafting of rent or lease agreement
  • Assistance during lease breaking
  • Assistance during landlord harassment
  • Protection of tenancy rights
Tenant Lawyer