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Corporate Lawyers

Corporate Lawyers are involved in conducting due diligence and overseeing deals that involve a company to merge with another company. Clients are assisted in creating a framework for how a company should be directed and controlled. Corporate Lawyers advise their clients on security law compliance aimed at preventing fraud, insider training and market manipulation as well as promoting transparency within the publicly-traded companies.

Corporate Law

Corporate Law regulates how corporations are formed and operated, being in close relation to the practice of contract and commercial law. The Companies Act, 1956, has since provided the legal framework for corporate entities in India.Corporate Lawyers mitigate the risks a company is facing or may face in the near future by reviewing, negotiating and finalizing commercial contracts to protect the interest of clients and facilitate their business.

Our Wide Range Of Services In Corporate Law Covers Both Filing And Processed By Corporate Law Experts

Corporate Lawyers alongside looks into the various below listed factors-

  • Drafting Contracts and agreements.
  • Providing General Legal Council.
  • Shares and Assets to be sold.
  • Employment law issues are handled.
  • PoSH matters are handled.

Contracts which are drafted by Corporate lawyers in Bangalore and Hyderabad are-

  • Co-Founder’s Agreement.
  • Founder’s Agreement.
  • Memorandum of Association.
  • Drafting terms and conditions for website.
  • Drafting cookie policies for website.
  • Articles of Association.
  • Partnership Agreement.
  • Partnership Deed.
  • Limited Liability Partnership Agreement.
  • Share Subscription Agreement.
  • Business Transfer Agreement.
  • Asset Purchase Agreement.
  • Employment Agreement.
  • Deed of Trust.
  • Joint Venture Agreement.
  • IPR Agreements.
  • Commercial Agreements.

Corporate Lawyers alongside also helps one in registering company covering ranges of-

  • One person company registration.
  • Sole proprietorship registration.
  • Partnership company registration.
  • Limited Liability company registration.
  • Private limited company registration.
  • Finance company registration.
  • MSME/Udyog Aadhar Registration.

One-Person Company Registration

One-Person Company means that one individual who could also be a resident or NRI will incorporate his/her business that has the features of a company and therefore the advantages of a sole ownership.

Sole Proprietorship Registration

The Sole Proprietary is a popular business form due to its simplicity, easy setup, and nominal value. A sole proprietor need only register his or her name and secure native licenses, and the sole businessman is ready for business.

Partnership Company Registration

A partnership is a kind of business where a proper agreement between two or more people is made who conform to be the co-owners, distribute responsibilities for running an organization and share the income or losses that the business produces.

Limited Liability Company Registration

A LLP partnership is a kind of business where a proper agreement between two or more people is made who conform to be the co-owners, distribute responsibilities for running an organization and share the income or losses that the business produces.

Private Limited Company Registration

A Private Limited Company is a privately control business entity held by private stakeholders. The liability arrangement, during this case, is that of a restricted partnership, whereby the liability of a stockholder extends solely up to the quantity of shares control by them.

Micro Finance Company / Chit Fund Company Registration

A Micro Finance Company is an organization that makes loans to people and businesses. in contrast to a bank, a finance company doesn’t receive money deposits from clients, nor will it give other services common to banks, like checking accounts.

Udyog Aadhar Registration

Udyog Aadhar / Udyam Registration is basically a government registration method that provides a registration certificate for your company along with a unique number referred to as your Udyog Aadhar number. This initiative is particularly for SMEs. The goal of Udyog Aadhar is to provide businesses maximum access to government schemes.

MSME Registration

MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise) term was introduced by the government of India in agreement with the Small, Little & Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act, 2006. MSME is initiated and managed under the Ministry of MSME (MomsME) are entities engaged in the production, manufacturing, processing, or preservation of goods and commodities.

Corporate Litigation

Corporate Litigation OR Commercial Litigation is the sphere of business regulation that includes proceedings initiated by organizations against the other companies that they deal with. The plaintiffs and defendants in corporate litigation include enterprises, partnerships, global corporations, Fraud Practices, Employee Disputes,Contract Violation and any other entities that work with them or profit from their dealings with them.

We are one of the most trusted Law firms in delivering the right expertise in Corporate Law and Corporate Matters in Bangalore and Hyderabad.


Consultation is a very important step before or after starting an Business or a Company, it helps and gives a clarity to the person, you will find best outlines for what you are going to be.

Business / Company Registration

Business / Company Registration involves different tasks and legal proceedings, you'll get best guidelines for clean formation.

Agreements & Contracts

Agreements & Contracts are the most important and influencing tasks in corporate segment, they should be drafted by experts.

Corporate Disputes

Corporate Disputes are happens due to Breach of contract, Contractual disputes, Employment law or poor understanding of rules and other factors.

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What Does A Corporate Lawyer Do?

A corporate lawyer advises firms on how to comply with rules and laws in business concerns. The Corporate lawyer help in transactional, regulatory and managing business documents, review contracts, and help in taking other strategy decisions.

What Are The Types Of Company Registration In India?

Types of Company Registration In India: • Private Limited Company • Public Limited Company • Partnerships • Limited Liability Partnership • One Person Company • Sole Proprietorship • Section 8 Company

What Is A Business Agreement Called?

“For proper functioning of any company, there are several agreements are to be made between the parties. The most important agreements for general business are: Owner agreement and Worker agreement, Supplier and Customer agreement and Non-Disclosure agreement.

What is Corporate Advisory Service?

Corporate Advisory Services is a broad number of functions that encompasses specialized advices rendered to corporate houses by professional advisers such as accountants, investment banks, law practitioners and host of similar service providers.

What is LLP Registration?

LLP Registration is a standard Process where 2 LLP Partners make a LLP Incorporation Entity with the limited liability and open a current bank account on the LLP Name and operate the business concern. Here partners need to pay the Government Fee and Professional Fee for the same.

How Do I Get My Start-Up Registration Certificate?

Steps Involved To Acquire Start-Up Registration Certificate. Step 1: Incorporate your business · Step 2: Register under Startup India · Step 3: Get DPIIT Recognition. · Step 4: Provide information's Regarding Tax exemption Step 5: Self-certification of the following conditions. Step 6: Get your recognition number.