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Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is the process of arriving at a solution to a predicament by way of consensus and understanding. Not all disputes have to end up in a court of law. Dispute resolution can be arrived at through mediation, conciliation or negotiation. As experts of the law, lawyers are the best pleasant institution of humans to show and turn into case of a Dispute settlement or legal predicament. With expert, eminent lawyers by your side, your case might just need professional intervention by them to pave way for an out-of-the-court settlement. This, in fact, can happen even if the case has reached the court. This method saves time, effort and money. Many cases, settled out of the court, are effective examples of matters settled amicably by eminent lawyers.

Arbitration Lawyers

The arbitration lawyer’s role in arbitration is to represent their client’s position in the arbitration proceeding with competence and fairness. They must also be able to offer persuasive arguments that are relevant to the specific case at hand.¬†

Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution that is used to resolve disputes out of the court proceedings. It is an informal process where a neutral third party hears the evidence and arguments from both sides, then makes a decision which is binding. Arbitration can be used in many different circumstances, such as employment, consumer and commercial disputes.

As expert negotiators and mediators, VSK & Co assures you that we will find a remedy for your predicament very much under the wide gamut of law in case you choose the path of mediation, conciliation or negotiation.

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Dispute Resolution, Arbitration Conciliation And Mediation

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Is Arbitrator A Lawyer?

Arbitration Lawyers assess jurisdictional issues and enforcement issues that may arise for any large enterprise a private, quick way to settle contractual disputes, so that business can carry on as usual and all parties can get a fair outcome. A lawyer, who has worked experience in litigation, on civil, commercial and contractual matters and representing parties in arbitrations, is ideally suited to be appointed as an arbitrator.

What Are The Methods Include The Dispute Resolution In Indian Jurisdiction?

Modes of Alternate Dispute Resolution contains minimal Court intervention, recognized by law, includes Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation and Judicial Settlement by LokAdalats. The recognition of ADR as the possible method for dispute resolution between parties and all other concerned parties are working towards creating an amiable and conducive environment.

What Is The Process Of Conciliation?

Conciliation process is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method with the aim of achieving a settlement or resolution. Conciliation can be used in various situations but is widely used in employment law disputes.

What Is The Negotiation Process In Law?

The process of parties dealing to attempt in reaching an agreement. Most often the Parties negotiate the terms of a contract prior to entering into the contract.

What Areas Are Dealt By The Arbitration Lawyers?

ADR processes binding/enforceable by drawing up agreements or seeking consent orders; Employment related disputes, Dispute between or involving small and large business, Family Law specifically the Co-ordinate Family Dispute Resolution and dispute about children and property.