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Legal Metrology Certificate

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Legal Metrology Certificate

The Legal Metrology Certificate is a process for the state oversight of measuring equipment. As measuring equipment, a measuring instrument, a measuring system or a standard is defined as that which fulfils the task of measurement with specified measurement accuracy. Legal Metrology Certificate from the Metrology Department of Consumer Affairs that comply with legal metrology for packaged commodities.

As per the law, Legal Metrology is a mandatory registration for many businesses. At VSK & Co, you’ll get Legal Metrology Experts, Our Legal Metrology Consultants are equipped to guide you with the end-to-end processes and complete guide to the various requirements that regulate the trade of packaged, imported, distributed goods. 

VSK & Co assures you that we will find a best way to acquire Legal Metrology Certificate as per your business requirement in Hassle-free way with our Legal Metrology Consultants.

  • Model Approval
  • License For Dealer OR Register as Dealer In Weights And Measures
  • License For Manufacturer
  • Weight And Measurement Certificate
  • Renewal of Manufacturer Licenses
Legal Metrology Certificate

Legal Metrology Consultation

Consultation For Model Approval, License For Dealer OR Register as Dealer In Weights And Measures, License For Manufacturer, Weight And Measurement Certificate, Renewal of Manufacturer Licenses and MORE

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What Is Legal Metrology Certificate?

Legal Metrology Act, 2009 governs regulations for the control of measurements and measuring instruments. Legal metrology also provides protection of public safety, the healthy business environment, consumers, traders and best practice methods for fair trade.

Who Is Required To Register For Legal Metrology Certificate?

Registered Companies as manufacturers, importer, Packing units or packer of weighing and measuring instruments and devices needs to be done under Legal Metrology Laws.

Is Weight And Measurement Certificate Is Mandatory?

The Weights and Measures Certificate is a mandatory requirement to import pre-packaged commodities for the sale and distribution of goods and products with regards to weight and measuring instruments. Our Legal metrology consultants will process a wide range of certifications required for importing, packing and manufacturing products.

How To Acquire License For Manufacturer?

Goods License For Manufacturer compliance is compulsory to get regulatory approval. A separate application is filled according to the Act for drugs, herbal and cosmetics products. The Applicant needs to submit the application in the prescribed format to the state Licensing Authority.

What Is Renewal Of Manufacturer License Mean?

The renewal of licence period may be considered for not less than one year and up to five years depending upon whether the annual licence fee and advance minimum marking fee has been paid for.This Service includes Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department can be avail through various channels. E.g. E-KYC, LSK, CSC, MPO Kiosks.

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