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Property Lawyers

Property Lawyers


Property Verification - Property Legal Opinion -Property Registration

Property lawyers deal with legal matters related to real estate, which includes buying, selling, and leasing property. They also manage property transactions and provide legal advice related to real estate. Property lawyers are also known as real estate lawyers or land use lawyers. They are also responsible for representing clients in disputes regarding property issues, such as eviction, home foreclosure, and land disputes. Property lawyers must be able to draft legal documents that represent their clients’ interests, like contracts, leases, and wills.

Property Verification Lawyer

The documentation of property varies based on whether the property has been bought from a developer or is it a secondary sale. In the latter case, due diligence would be easier as the first owner will have the property documents ready for the registration. The obligation for the verification of the property title, however, lies on the buyer prior to the registration.

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VSK & CO-Property Verification

Property Legal Opinion / Advisor

Buying or selling a Home or Property is the largest and most significant decision you will make in your life. It involves lots of property law that a common man does not know. A good property lawyer will help you to avoid common mistake. We have experienced our property Lawyer working day in and day out on helping people deal with real estate legal services. Find out how our services that can help you and your family/friends to assure you peace of mind while buying properties or for any legal issues.

VSK & CO have a very good team of experienced professionals on this particular area of Services. Reach a Right place to get Property Opinion Lawyer.

Property Opinion Lawyer

Property Registration

We have our own method to make the process Hassel Free. Many of you know about how many activities includes in legal transformation OR Registration process. Property Registration Lawyer have to work with many legal procedures and activities. We give guidelines and responding procedures for every process included in registration process. Our team have a very good record in things happen.

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VSK & CO Property Registration

Property Valuator


Property Valuation is a significant section of a property transaction. Property Valuers estimates the market worth of the actual property. property valuer uses selection of methods for valuing actual property belongings, every of it has its pros and cons. Various kinds of Property Valuation methods are used by the property valuators like property valuation online and it could vary relying on whether or not you’re buying, sponsoring or constructing the property.

Online Property Verification Bangalore

Online Property Verification method is a process of decreasing the time and other aspects of burdens to the verifier as well as client. Here you will submit the property documents to the verifier (if the documents are in soft copy / cd / drive link through online, if it’s in hard copy, sending through the delivery agent) and will wait for 5 to 6 working days to get the report. Our dedicated property lawyers team will be in touch in each step of procedure and give updates until verification process completes. You can feel property verification lawyers near me, because There are hundreds of clients are cleared and satisfied with our online property verification services in Bangalore & Hyderabad

General Checklist For Property Verification

1.RTCs of the survey number from 1969-70 to 2020-21.

2.Sale Deeds/Partition deeds/earlier title deeds.

3.Khatha Certificate and extract.

4.Encumbrance Certificates

5.Lay out Plan.

6.Betterment Charges receipt.

7.Conversion order.

8.Tax paid receipts.

9.Village map.

10.Building license and plan if the Building is constructed.

11.Agreements, GPA etc.

12.Mutation Registers.

13.Khatha transfer receipts

14.If it is Building commencement certificate and Occupancy certificate

15.Conversion Sketch.


These are generally applicable for all. And for Resale in addition to the above followings are required:

1.Sale deed in favor of the Seller/s.

2.Tax paid receipt and Khatha.

3.Encumbrance Certificate from one day prior to the date of sale to the present owner to till date for the flat/site.

Our Team Expertise Experience in Property Related Legal Procedures.