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VSK & CO is having full-services in the divorce and did with well practiced Divorce Lawyers offering consultation and legal assistance in Divorce Cases (Mutual Divorce, Contesting Divorce) We value the trust and beliefs vested in us by our Clients and provided a dedicated legal service. Our Firm also tailored with NRI Divorce Advocates in both cities Bangalore and Hyderabad, you can think NRI Divorce Lawyers near me and you can choose us without further thinking. You can also contact us for Mutual Divorce Online consulting  in BangaloreHyderabad.

Choose the best legal support related to mutual divorce matters from Divorce Lawyers:

When both Husband and wife agree amicably amongst themselves that they cannot live together anymore and that the best solution is to Divorce. Both husband and wife can seek divorce mutually in the court of law

Conditions to be fulfilled to get mutual consent divorce:


* Living separately for a period of 1 year or more years

* Mutually agreed for that the marriage should be dissolved

Mutual Divorce matters Lawyers in Bangalore Hyderabad


A contested divorce is one in which the parties cannot agree, either about getting divorced or about the terms of the divorce, such as the division of assets, allocation of debts, alimony, child support, or the custody of children.

The party who is seeking a contested divorce Needs to be prove these:

Cruelty – Adultery – Mental Disorder -Conversion – Communicable Disease – Renunciation of the World – Presumption of Death

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Child Custody – GUARDIANS & WARDS Act:

* The court or appointed authority has the ability to decide the guardian of a child by appointing one a guardian or removing another as a guardian.

* A guardian can be appointed by court:

 In case of parents death or parents have abandoned their child, after following proper procedure in court of law or by way of will.


* It’s one of the most emotional aspects of any divorce. We ensure that our representing lawyer will assist you in continuing care and reasonable level of maintenance for your children.

* We can assist you in ensuring the primary interests of the child and proceed to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement.

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* We help you determine the alimony amount and whether it has to be paid or not. We can help you arrange a realistic and fair financial agreement & settlement, allowing you to retain adequate assets and income. We ensure that you are provided for your future at the end.


* Our negotiating skills combined with our advice and experience will ensure that you keep a fair share of any jointly owned assets such as house, properties or land between both parties. We assure you to protect your assets, as your future financial health is of primary concern to us.

Divorce Financial Settlements, Property & Assets Settlements

Tips & Advice While you Undergoing a Divorce

Although divorce is common in our society, people often rely on their lawyers to educate them about the entire divorce process. There’s nothing wrong with that, because lawyers are supposed to be counseling and advising clients.

However, thanks to the Internet, information on divorce is available at our fingertips. We should all, therefore, take advantage of this information and educate ourselves to our own advantage.

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Documents Required For Divorce Filing

Marriage Cards or Marriage Certificate.

Marriage Photographs Two

Two Passport Size photographs of both parties.

Adhaar Card and/or any other current address proof of both parties.

Evidence to prove that the husband and wife have been living separately for more than a year.

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